Resin Pricing Information Updated October 2013

PE price relief sought “October PE contracts have settled flat; processors are hoping that the $.05/lb increase implemented in September will be relieved over the next couple months”

Buy only as needed (pre-sold) mantra echoes “As we enter November, market participants will begin to focus on year-end inventory planning”
No Hike Prospects “2014 outlook – a sharp first quarter price spike, as we have seen the past few years, seems less likely.”

Packaging Sources October 2013

Chem Data Report –
The October CDI report shows flat for October 2013 LLDPE

Packaging Tape Solution

MONTREAL, QUEBEC and BRADENTON, FLORIDA (June 3, 2013) – Intertape Polymer Group® Inc. (“IPG®” or the “COMPANY”), the only North American manufacturer of all four adhesive types of carton sealing tapes, has a water-activated packaging tape solution that can help reduce product damage or theft, and offer tamper evidence.
“Water-activated tape, in general, bonds instantly to virgin and recycled fiber cartons and offers the most secure adhesive tape closure system available in the market today,” explained Ray Vales, IPG® Corporate VP Sales. “Red Alert®” MD adds invaluable security and peace-of-mind when shipping costly merchandise.”
Red Alert® MD is a printed water-activated tape with reinforced fiber strands laminated between the top and bottom paper layers of the tape. If a shipment has been tampered with and someone tries to remove the tape, it will leave a visible red bottom layer behind to alert the intended recipient of attempted pilferage or theft.
IN addition to providing a measure of security, Red Alert® MD is also strippable. There is no need for the recipient to use a knife or box cutter to open the carton and potentially damage the top layer of contents inside. Simply peel off the top portion of the tape and use a finger to break the red layer underneath.
“There’s nothing more frustrating than when product gets damaged by box cutting knives used to open shipments, which occurs quite a bit in the food and retail clothing industry,” stated Vales. “Our Central® brand Red Alert® MD water-activated tape offers a great two-fold solution.”